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Equip Automotive Systems, Inc is a trusted Telwin Welding Equipment Distributor in Southern California. Equipment and products we carry include Mig/Mag welders, spot welders, plasma cutters, dent pullers, battery stations, Telwin kits, and accompanying accessories. If you own an auto body repair shop, then we are your go-to establishment for quality equipment, tools, and supplies.

Auto Body Repair Equipment

Whether you are starting a garage for the first time, or if you are expanding an existing shop, you will need to specialty equipment. In a garage, it’s important to keep your employees, clients, and cars safe at all times. Don’t waste your money on second hand or used equipment which are of unknown age and quality. Invest in durable tools which will withstand the hardships of an auto repair shop. Don’t take chances with second-hand tools which may fail when you need them most. At Equip Automotive Systems Inc, we only sell new Telwin welding products that are of the best quality within the automotive industry.

Shop Organziation & Employee Training

In addition to being a Telwin Welding Equipment Distributor, Equip Automotive Systems Inc also provides Facility Planning where we provide innovative strategies to better organize your auto repair shop. Better organization means easier workflow and less waste of time and space. Our O.E.T Training Course offers up-to-date knowledge of the advanced technologies in the automotive repair industry. Course participants get hands-on practice so they can give clients high-level repair services appropriate for today’s modern cars. Three things which a business should have to achieve their goals are: skilled employees, a safe working environment, and the proper tools to get the job done effectively. Equip Automotive Systems, Inc can provide you with all three components.

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Equip Automotive Systems is more than just a Telwin Welding Equipment Distributor.  We are your source of advanced auto repair information and technical support. Contact us by Email or telephone: (866) 362-4400.

Telwin Welding Equipment Distributor
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Telwin Welding Equipment Distributor
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