Facility planning is an in-depth analysis of current shop infrastructure and the collision repair process from estimate to delivery.  Identifying critical weaknesses in each department; including a departmentalization breakdown of personnel, process , procedures, equipment, and lines of communication.

Realizing maximum operational effectiveness without sacrificing repair quality, customer service, or cycle time is the key to greater profitability and a growing business. Equip Automotive Systems has expertise to do more than help a shop owner keeps its “Operational Head” above water; Equip has a track record for achieving greater success, profitability and customer satisfaction.

Equip Automotive Systems Inc. & Original Equipment Training O.E.T does not offer generic training. Our instructors have earned the  reputation for their repair expertise and are leading technicians with in the industry. Equips Goal is to ensure the integrity of the vehicles repairs without compromise of quality or safety.

Instructors conduct training locally and nationally working closely with  Collision Centers, Dealerships and Multi-store Owners to bring the necessary skills to create a safe, clean and effective welding environment.

The importance of quality welding is to maintain crash avoidance technology, safety restraints systems, & Air Bag timing which are directly affected by the collision centers weld quality.

Hands on Practice:

Under the supervision of the instructors, student’s skills are assessed with one on one welding sessions: including measuring metal thickness, setting the machine, cleaning and preparation of metal, and welding on a variety of metals for an immediate assessment and correction of poor welds or improvement techniques.  Following Destructive Testing and Test preparations.

Equip Automotive Systems,  restores your equipment to factory standards with genuine OEM parts. Our  certified technicians are experienced professionals ready to repair all major collision equipment conveniently on site or in Equip’s services department . Equip stands behind all repairs offering a full 90 day warranty on repair and parts.

All make and models accepted ,  trust the expertise of Equip technician’s to repair all of your collision center equipment.  Didn’t buy it from Equip? No problem. We’re still here to diagnose and make quality repairs and services.

OSSR fee is $195.00 this includes a diagnosis of damaged equipment and provides a complete repair estimate.  Upon approval of required repair 50% of OSSR fee will be applied towards total repair cost.


Equipment Description Day Week Monthly
EQ-1800R Telwin Aqua Smart 14000 Spot Welder

Inculdes: All Accessories

129.00 645.00 2,580.00
EQ-MX39R Telwin Alucar 5100 Aluminum Dent Puller 199.00 575.00
EQ-T20R 125.00 375.00 650.00
EQ-T2MXR Telwin 5500 Digital Dent Puller HHS 75.00 300.00 525.00
EQ-T2CGR Telwin 223 W/ATC MIG/MAG ALU/HS/Si 105.00 495.00 1,095.00
EQ-MIGR Telwin 215 W/ATC HHS MIG/MAG 95.00 475.00 1,035.00
EQ-WPP Rental Protection 125.00 199.00 250.00



Additional Charges San Diego Los Angeles Las Vegas Nevada
Delivery 75.00 190.00 390.00 390.00
Pick up 75.00 190.00 390.00 390.00

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