Planning For New Auto Repair Shop

Planning For New Auto Repair Shop

The United States is a highly car-centric nation.  Businesses and citizens rely on cars, trucks, and vans to get around.  For those who don’t own a car (or two, or three), they still use a car in the form of a taxi or a ride-share service.  With so many cars around, why not open an auto repair shop?  Cars need tune-ups and repairs all the time.  The abundance of vehicles on the road also causes more car accidents.  Cars damaged in a collision will need auto body repair work.  Opening an auto body repair shop might be a lucrative career move.  But before you jump in, consider getting our “Planning For New Auto Repair Shop” service.

Starting a business is more complicated than fixing cars out of your own garage.  A formal auto repair shop must be organized so it is safe and efficient. You will need tools and equipment so that you can better serve your customers needs.  Employees must be trained so they don’t injure themselves, damage cars, or destroy company resources.  The workflow should be seamless from the moment a client brings in his car into the shop to the moment he leaves with his fixed car.

One of the major goals of Equip Automotive Systems Inc is to help you design an auto repair shop that is efficient and safe.  Safe workplaces that functional smoothly will lead to less wasted time and higher profit margins. State of the art equipment is necessary to repair today’s modern vehicles.  Safety for your clients, for your staff, and for the cars is of utmost concern. Having your shop property organized and arranged will minimize wasted space and inefficiencies.  Our “Planning For New Auto Repair Shop” service is exactly what you need before you start your auto repair shop.

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In addition to auto repair facility planning, Equip Automotive Systems Inc also carries welding equipment, lifts,  and other machinery & supplies used in the auto repair industry. Please browse our online catalog in the Products page.

Equip Automotive Systems is pleased to offer body shop analysis, personnel training, and auto repair equipment, tools, & supplies to Californians and to businesses across the United States. Please contact us by Email or telephone to discuss your options in auto repair shop planning and organization: (866) 362-4400.