Collision Repair Welding Equipment Supplier

Equipment & Tools

If you are looking for a Collision Repair Welding Equipment Supplier then Equip Automotive Systems, Inc is the establishment you have been looking for. We carry a wide range of auto collision repair equipment from brand names such as Titan, Jollift, Telwin, SmartBench, and more. Our welding equipment, tools, and supplies includes mig/mag welders, spot welders, welding wires, welding protective/safety gear, and welding accessories. A collision repair shop may also be interested in our array of durable benches, stands, carts, caddies, lifts, lifting blocks, display stands, and more.

Safety Measures

Auto repair is hard work and it comes with potential dangers. Don’t rely on second hand or aged tools which may or may not work at maximum capacity. A qualified collision repair garage should have equipment from the best brands which are trusted by those in the industry. In this line of work, it is especially important to provide a safe environment for technicians and staff. Equip Automotive Systems Inc carries protective garments such as welding gloves, welding masks, welding blankets and welding screens. We care about your auto repair business and only sell new tools and supplies that adhere to the highest industry standards.

Training and Facility Planning

Equip Automotive Systems Inc offers Facility Planning services. We provide innovative strategies to better organize your auto repair shop so that it has an efficient workflow. Our O.E.T Training Course offers information on the newest technologies and industry developments. Participants get hands-on experience so they walk away with up-to-date skills appropriate for today’s modern cars. All businesses need at least three things to be successful: skilled and trained employees, a functional and safe work environment, and proper tools to get the job done efficiently. Equip Automotive Systems, Inc provides all three and more. 

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Equip Automotive Systems is more than just a Collision Repair Welding Equipment Supplier, we are your go-to establishment for facility planning, quality equipment, technical knowledge, and equipment rentals. Contact us by Email or telephone: (866) 362-4400.

Collision Repair Welding Equipment Supplier

Collision Repair Welding Equipment Supplier
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Collision Repair Welding Equipment Supplier
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Collision Repair Welding Equipment Supplier
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