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Califonia has a lot of drivers and with that comes with a lot of car accidents.  If you own an auto repair shop, consider Equip Automotive Systems, Inc as your Collision Repair Equipment Supplier.  We carry a large variety of equipment, tools, and supplies from quality brand names such as Titan, Jollift, Telwin, SmartBench, and more.  The welding products we have include welding wires, protective & safety welding gear, and many welding related accessories.  Furthermore, we can provide you with durable carts, caddies, stands, benches,  display stands, lifts, and lifting blocks.  All of these are necessary for collision repair work.

Safety in Your Shop

When starting a new auto repair shop, or expanding an existing shop, you will need the highest quality tools and equipment available in today’s market. Safety is a critical issue in the auto body repair industry.  We carry protective garments and tools so you and your employees can be safe while on the job.  Mechanics, clients, and cars must remain safe at all times to avoid accidents and injury.  It’s worth investing in brand names which have a proven history of quality and integrity.  Don’t waste your money on questionable equipment and tools of unknown value. Equip Automotive Systems, Inc only sells the best brands because we are a collision repair equipment supplier who cares about your business’ success.

Equip Automotive Systems, Inc Services

At Equip Automotive Systems, Inc we are dedicated to finding creative solutions for your collision repair shop.  After an onsite review, we will give you strategies and guidelines to design an auto repair shop that will achieve your long-term business goals. Success begins with well-trained employees, a safe work environment, and the proper tools to get the job done effectively. At Equip Auto Systems Inc, we can help with all those ingredients. In addition to supplying auto body shop equipment and tools, we also provide up-to-date information and skill training in our Training Courses. Please contact us by Email or telephone: (866) 362-4400.

Collision Repair Equipment Supplier
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Collision Repair Equipment Supplier
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