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Panel Preparation

If you are looking for a Body Shop Panel Preparation Tool then look no further than Equip Automotive Systems, Inc. We carry a range of products for auto body panel preparation including grinder took kit, flex prep discs, all wool daubers, corrosion protection, and more.

Auto Repair Equipment

When it comes to auto body repair tools and equipment, Equip Automotive Systems, Inc is proud to carry quality products from Titan, Jollift, Telwin, SmartBench, and more. Automotive repair equipment we stock includes welding wires, welding protective/safety gear, welding accessories, benches, stands, carts, caddies, lifts, lifting blocks, display stands, and more.


Safety is one of the most important things you should consider as a shop owner. Because of this, we recommend that you equip your garage with new equipment that is made by trusted companies. Don’t sink your money into used or second-hand tools which may not comply with industry safety standards. As well, Equip Automotive Systems, Inc offers safety equipment such as masks and gloves. Your employees, clients, and cars should be safe while they are in the auto repair shop.

Facility Planning & Training

In addition to being a Body Shop Panel Preparation Tool supplier, Equip Automotive Systems Inc, also offers Facility Planning and Training services. With facility planning, we devise solutions to render your auto shop more efficient. A streamlined workplace will minimize inefficiencies and increase productivity. In our O.E.T Training Course, we impart up-to-date information regarding the industry’s newest technologies and developments. Registered students get hands-on practice so they increase their skills and expertise.

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Equip Automotive Systems is more than just an auto body shop tool supplier, we a source of technical knowledge, advice, and support. Please contact us by Email or telephone for details: (866) 362-4400.

Body Shop Panel Preparation Tool
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Body Shop Panel Preparation Tool
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Body Shop Panel Preparation Tool

Body Shop Panel Preparation Tool
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