Body Shop Auto Lift Distributor


If you are looking for a Body Shop Auto Lift Distributor then contact Equip Automotive Systems, Inc. We are a trusted auto repair tool supplier in southern California and we carry brand names such as Jolllift, Titan, Telwin, SmartBench, and more. Our supply of lifts and displays including adjustable & standard rubber lifting blocks, and in-ground & above-ground Jollift lifts. Every auto repair shop should be equipped with quality lifts that are durable and time-tested for quality and longevity.

Auto Repair Tools

Equip Automotive Systems, Inc is committed to serving auto repair shops with the best tools and equipment in the industry. We carry welding tools & supplies, panel preparation & removal, as well as trolleys, carts, caddies, benches, stands, and more.

Safety Equipment

One thing an auto repair shop owner should think about is safety. Auto body repair garage can be a dangerous place, yet your employees, clients, and cars should be safe at all times. One way to ensure safety is to equip your shop with new tools from brand names. Don’t take chances with second-hand tools which are of unknown quality and age. In addition, Equip Automotive Systems, Inc offers personal safety equipment such as welding gloves, welding masks, welding blankets, and welding screens.

Organization & Training

In addition to being a Body Shop Auto Lift Distributor, we offer Facility Planning and Training. The purpose of Facility Planning is to find strategies to maximize your shop’s efficiency through proper organization. Better organization means better workflow. Our O.E.T Training Course offers information on the industry’s developments and newest technologies. Students are given a chance to try what they learn through hands-on practice.

Contact Us

Equip Automotive Systems is your source of auto repair equipment, tools, supplies, information, advice, and training. We rent out equipment too! Please contact us by Email or telephone for details: (866) 362-4400.

Body Shop Auto Lift Distributor
Above Ground Lifts

Body Shop Auto Lift Distributor
In Ground Lifts

Body Shop Auto Lift Distributor
Adustable Lifting Blocks

Body Shop Auto Lift Distributor